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Internet Explorer Options

When you visit a web page for the second time Internet Explorer (IE) is very likely to load the page from its memory. This is much quicker than downloading it from the Internet. However, if the page on the Internet is updated what you see on your display will be the old version of the page. To make sure that you see the latest version of the page click on the Refresh icon on the toolbar on the top of the page.

You can set the IE to the following options as follows:

In the IE go to Tools then Internet Options

Under the General tap in Temporary Internet Files section click on Settings.

Select one of the following options:

Every visit to the page. IE checks for an newer version of the page on the web site every time you visit the page.

Every time you start IE. When you first start the IE it will go and get the latest version. However, if you go to the page a second time it will show you the stored old page. If you think since you last visited page may be updated then click on Refresh.

Automatically. IE decides what to do. IE decides if the page is old or reasonably new!

Never. It always go to the stored old version, newer checks to see if there is an updated page. Click on Refresh to get the latest page.

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